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Please see our knowledgebase for more details on CSR code generation on IIS 7.

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Like the majority of server systems you will install your SSL certificate on the same server where your Certificate Signing Request (CSR) was created.

updating ssl cert for iis-12

Import the Root Certificate The process is the exact same except the area of interest is 'Intermediate Certification Authorities' instead of 'Trust Root Certificate Authorities' and the file(s) that are to be imported are the remaining files outside of your domain certificate.4. Note: If you're page is still showing certificate errors, one may have to stop and start the website or even the IIS Service itself.

If this fails one may have to restart the server itself.

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With Microsoft systems the private key is hidden away and will only appear once the CSR request has been completed.

Your SSL certificate will not work without this private key file.

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I have to update my SSL certificate for IIS6 on Windows 2003 Server.

Close the 'Add Standalone Snap-in' window and click 'OK' in the 'Add/Remove Snap-in' Window.7. Install/Import the Root and Intermediates Certificate* Root1.

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