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In fact if you are working through this arduous task toward the best online dating profile on sites like OKCupid, Christian Mingle or Date Hook Up, the stress is pretty much over and the only thing left to do is take a deep breath and hit the launch button.However, if on a site like or Plenty Of Fish, this next part is intended for you.But the one task that is still making your hair fall out (assuming you’re smart) is the all important, profile headline.

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Its been used a million times before and instantly says you’re anything but unique. In fact, don’t use anything ever printed on a tee-shirt or coffee mug. I’m So Amazing Even Amaze Myself It’s wonderful that you enter Iron Man competitions, are vegan and a successful business owner, who only dates super models.

However if that headline sets the bar too high, you are going to miss some responses and there is nothing unique about your wealth, its only a bit rare.

You have plenty of time in the future to open some car doors or send flowers out of nowhere.

Just because they liked the movie The Notebook, does not mean they necessarily want to live in it.

The truth about where it shows up might not exactly apply to Match.

Com, knowing a person will actually see your photo first.

We are going to gear this advice toward men seeking women, simply because one gender is pretty much visual and the other not so much.

The not-so-much, crowd likes eye candy well enough too, but oddly responds initially to something clever and witty.

Its doubtful you will ever get one with a catchy headline, but you do need to intrigue her enough to want to know more.

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