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He has attempted to speak Portuguese and other languages, but as per usual, it ends horribly.He knows some basic Korean courtesy of his mother, but very little.Kathryn, Mark's editor and good friend, who also is a good friend of Amy.

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It's a montage of Happy Wheels player-made mini-games, that are completely or somewhat different to one another.

It's notable that Markiplier often skips the most played levels.

He currently works with a few people, Tyler, his long time best friend since 4th grade, who mostly helps Mark with upcoming projects and events.

Ethan, a brown (previously cyan) haired guy who runs the channel Crank Gameplays and is most known for helping Mark edit videos Mark does.

Although stumbling through the first couple of videos, he quickly adapted to the game and everything it threw at him. An early playlist, and one of his most popular ones, is "Happy Wheels Highlights".

As of August 17, 2016, Markiplier has uploaded 92 episodes of Happy Wheels Highlights.

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) is an American vlogging and gaming You Tuber known by his username Markiplier.

He is primarily known for his videos pertaining to Slender, SCP: Containment Breach, Drunk Minecraft, Cry Of Fear, Amnesia Custom Stories, Five Nights at Freddy's, and Happy Wheels Highlights.


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