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She added: “This is something I could of only dreamed of, I’m over the moon and feeling so blessed to be able to share my life with the one I truly love.” Simmons is reportedly engaged to 40-year-old oil tycoon Knowledge Katti, founder and CEO of Kunene Energy, an oil and gas drilling company based in his native Namibia. Real businessmen don’t flaunt their toys on social media.Even though Simmons did everything right by waiting the requisite 2 years to get engaged, her African lover boy has an Instagram account. A source told that Katti travels everywhere with Simmons. Real businessmen are too busy building their wealth, not squandering their money on cars and jewelry to impress women on social media.

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Marvin Gaye.” Yes, you read that correctly: Richard Pryor.

First, Angela Simmons shocked fans with her pregnancy, then her engagement, then just last week she announced that her baby boy was born. Now that the group is a trio and is dropping new music without Kandi Burruss they have decided to perform under a new moniker.

After dating an African oil tycoon for at least 2 years, reality TV star Angela Simmons is ready to make it official.

The 28-year-old socialite announced her engagement on her Instagram page Tuesday. I couldn’t be more excited,” she wrote in the caption under a video of her dazzling diamond ring.

“This is only something I could of only dreamed of.” Her father couldn’t contain his excitement either.

“My one and only #MCE,” she praised her mystery man over a month ago with a photo from behind.

So, since Angela’s experiencing her happily ever after, does that mean Romeo is wallowing in regret? “Daddy is talking a whole lot, and it’s like you wanna say, ‘Daddy, I thought you were gonna keep all of my secrets,'” she told us during the AAFCA Awards.

The stars will be tackling this subject and many more on the second season of their hit WEtv show. But when asked why was Rev Run’s daughter so guarded about her new man, he revealed that Angela just likes to keep things to herself. this is her life where she’s in the spotlight so it’s kinda a contradiction.” You can see more of the Romeo/Angela saga on , the music mogul claimed Marlon Brando “was the most charming motherf*cker you ever met. “Daddy is like, ‘Uh uh, two tears in a bucket.'” Quincy, however, wasn’t bluffing.

Now, rumor has it the reality star has one more secret up her sleeve … While Simmons tried to keep the identity of her fiancé under wraps, the internet won again and revealed it is former felon, Sutton Tennyson. Billboard broke the news that Tameka “Tiny” Cottle, La Tocha Scott and Tamika Scott were officially going by the name XSCAP3 and had also signed with CAA for world wide representation. Peep Tiny’s response to a fan in her comment section.

The two had been quietly dating for a bit when Angela found herself with child. Tiny also posted about the name change on her Instagram page and informed fans it was all due to Kandi NOT wanting to be associated with their new music. “Because it’s only 3 girls on the music & she does not want ppl thinking she is on the music so u will know the difference it’s Xscap3 for anything she is not apart of!

So what better time to switch up your dating habits or at least appear to be doing so?

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