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I am 19 and I will be 20 by the time my baby gets here and it's been a sad and winding road.My child's father hasn't disappeared ,per se, but he is no longer with me.Yes, it had come up during Google searches, but I never clicked on it, because knowing it's a bunch of randos on the Internet doling out advice as if they were some sort of expert on the topic, I knew I'd rather get my answers elsewhere.

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My family tries to be but it's hard for me to let them because I feel like they don't understand exactly what I'm going through. And I always remember that everything happens for a reason & things can only get better from here!

I had my daughter when I was 17, she turned 5 the other day.

But reading this lets me know that whatever I had planned for me is still feasible and I can still be a good mother without him and his support. im now at 32 weeks and i would never have gotten through anything without the support from my friends and family.

The pregnancy was a surprise, and while i do have a partner who is staying with me, its my family who are helping us both.

A question and answer website home to some of the biggest retards ever, besides maybe You Tube comments. Half of the questions and responses are unintelligible from grammatical errors.

Filled with racists, ignorant morons, religious extremists, and people who were apparently taught English by newborn orangutans. Typical Yahoo Answers Questioni is 15, shud i havs babie? you need to grow up Answer 2: i am 17 and has baby.

this is to Gabriella who is 15, trust me you need to tell your parents asap, it is sooooo much better for them to hear it from you than figure it out or find out from someone else, if you dont think that you can say it write a semi-short note to them just in case and stand there while they read it i just went through this 6 months ago and im due in 26 days now!

Unless you've been on a deserted island for the last couple weeks, you've probably heard about Benny Johnson, the man fired from Buzzfeed for plagiarizing.

My baby's dad doesn't even know he is going to be a father, and he doesn't care.


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