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Her dad and I broke up when she was almost a year old, and now we split custody with me only having her one week at a time. I can just say read as much as you can about raising a baby, and ask any questions you have at the hospital and the pediatritian.Don't be embarrasssed or feel like they're judging you- they are there to help!A question and answer website home to some of the biggest retards ever, besides maybe You Tube comments. Half of the questions and responses are unintelligible from grammatical errors.

people tell me it was bad idea but i dont regret it Answer 3: all teens is so stupuid.

I'm 18 years old and about to give birth to my first baby. I made somelife long connections there,and met the person I call my mentor.

this is to Gabriella who is 15, trust me you need to tell your parents asap, it is sooooo much better for them to hear it from you than figure it out or find out from someone else, if you dont think that you can say it write a semi-short note to them just in case and stand there while they read it i just went through this 6 months ago and im due in 26 days now!

Unless you've been on a deserted island for the last couple weeks, you've probably heard about Benny Johnson, the man fired from Buzzfeed for plagiarizing.

I also agree with anonymous God will not give you anything you can't handle.

God gave you something so great, I always tell people he must really love me.

Not for one second did I consider this baby a burden, it's definitely a blessing. I had a new boyfriend that I was absolutely in love with.

I know once the baby comes you will be okay emotionally. When we realized the baby wasn't his, we broke up. I have two other friends that have babies & they're with their babys' father so it's hard to talk to them about my situation.

I'm having a difficult time dealing with pregnancy alone.


  1. Isotopes and the Study of Diet The study of the diet of prehistoric peoples is an essential part of understanding how past communities were able to survive and adapt within particular environmental and social settings.

  2. One more awesome thing: If you "pass" on a person, it will ask you why — presumably to make your future matches better suited to you — and then offers you another "free" bagel for the day (sometimes more than one if you continue to hit "pass").

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