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Powerful basses and well-differentiated tone colours. The extra pedale basse adds wonderful extra grunt to the fat FF chords in the Rossini Petite Messe All working nicely, and had had a very easy life. Stops: Sourdine basse, Dolce, Pedale basse (Dawes in reverse plays extra 16 on lowest l.h.note), Forte4 basson, 3 clairon, 2 bourdon, 1 cor anglais Expression Percussion 1 flute 2clarionette 3 flageolet 4 hautbois Melodie Cremona(Dawes) Cremona voix celeste musette950Located in Herefordshire Contact Bob by email or on Sold by Heins & Co of Hereford, Brecon & Abergavenny. Based on known Sterling production, this would be about 1892.36 white notes, 25 black, 11 stops, plus knee swells and foot pedals. It appears to be either an Estey Philharmonic or Estey Church Organ.

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Originally it would have hadcandlestands attached beyond each end of the keyboard, which are missing. It is large and heavy: 77 inches high x 47 wide x 23 deep: Alexandre Harmonium dated c.1865 but has presentation plaque dated 1872Stop list: Forte 3 et 4; Forte; 4 Basson; 3 Clairon; 2 Bourdon; 1 Percussion ou Cor Anglais; Grand jeu; Expression; 1 Percussion ou Flute; 2 Clarinette; 3 Fifre; 4 Hautbois; 5 Musette; Celeste; Forte; Forte 3 et 4. A working but rather battered harmonium that I hope will give another family as much fun as it has given us. The harmonium came from New York and has the date 1860 inside.

All in working order, but top of case has historic blemishes (see photo). It was the chapel instrument at our local place of worship until it sadly closed twenty years ago.

Rutile is the most common naturally occurring titanium dioxide polymorph and is widely distributed as an accessory mineral in metamorphic rocks ranging from greenschist to eclogite and granulite facies but is also present in igneous rocks, mantle xenoliths, lunar rocks and meteorites.

It is one of the most stable heavy minerals in the sedimentary cycle, widespread both in ancient and modern clastic sediments.

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Site ranking is based on torrent sites' traffic ranking and user ratings.Furthermore, in situ Lu–Hf isotope analysis of rutile permits insights into the evolution of the Earth's crust and mantle.Besides that, rutile is also of great economic importance because it is one of the favoured natural minerals used in the manufacture of white titanium dioxide pigment, which is a major constituent in various products of our daily life.It's been in the same spot for the last 35 years - having previously been bought on a whim by the owner's grandmother and then used mostly as a plant holder for 20 years.Stops: auto swell, 1 diapason, 2 viola, vox humana (with separate on and off pulls), 2 flute, 1 melodia, and euphone solo The organ will need restoring as some of the stops don't work The fabric between the pedals and bellows has been fixed (with non-traditional pink leather - not visible...) but it definitely needs some TLC.Has been in the family since 1938 when it was purchased by my grandfather. An American reed organ by Estey of Vermont which has been restored by our late father. Belgrade, Serbia based buyer will have it moved by an international shipping company.

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