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I built my body in the face of bad genetics and even worse information.I’ve done pretty much every workout you’ve heard of and many you haven’t. Anyone who claims to hold the fountain of youth, the only key to your ideal body is full of shit and their Holy Grail is likely some fine sales copy and marketing with no real solution, no value. Within this article you’re going to be presented with a very focused way to build you ideal body over the next two years.When you’re training for strength you’re not constantly training to failure and your focus on each lift should be the explosive speed of the concentric contraction.

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I’ve followed most of the diets you have subscribed to, and over the past decade I’ve figured out what works and what doesn’t. There are other options, but just like when I’m buying something, options aren’t always the best thing in the world. Most of your results will occur in year one, the eye-opening, jaw-dropping gains of muscle or fat loss or athleticism will occur within the next 365, but to truly build your best body (again, something that will take a lifetime to develop and you’ll never develop it, but the thing closest to that goal will require 2 years) I need two years of your life.

Within these two years, though, you’ll gain the tools and the strength and the power and the confidence to live that strong, bold, audacious life that your soul would define as truly living.

I’ve built my own body to a point that I’m very happy, proud and comfortable with, but I’m not done. Physical improvement, just like the improvement of the Self, the spirit, and the mind, never ends, nor should we want it to.

Even as age aims to take our strength and our vibrance, we must move onward and upward, forward toward a stronger, more resilient body, mind, and spirit. There are times where we stumble and regress, but there is no plateau, no place to sit back and lament.

We move and improve or we ease up and we regress and we fail.

I have a unique perspective because it’s a perspective that’s unique than most authority figures; I’m no naturally-born Adonis and my transformation didn’t happen over night.

I to provide you with too much information, but I’ll give you the names of some other guys who put out great information, who can also give you guidance.

I make no money from these names, but I know most of these guys, their stuff is great, and I’ll include them in this article where I can.

All you need to know about how to eat effectively is in this article: How to Eat Like a Man.

Rather than taking you through how to eat, read that article and discover how to boost your T levels through your diet. Don’t read beyond this paragraph if you’re not going to get your diet in check.

The fact, though, remains that you can’t simply “workout” or “eat healthy” and build a great body. I’d read a book or an article and think it was the be all end all and head to the gym and simply implement what I just read. With that, the shocker, in this article I’m going to shamelessly plug my own stuff. It’s far more than a “cutting or bulking protocol”, but a method of eating that is healthy, that will help you boost testosterone levels naturally, which will help you become better in every other area of your life.

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