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Incredibly, as she said this, the dairy truck pulled up and we watched the driver hook up to the containers, empty them, and drive away.Then, each of the kids hand-milked the cow she had been talking about.“They learn that there’s some kind of a ‘should’ and ‘shouldn’t’ around nudity and sexuality,” Freedman Smith says.

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” “Between ages six and eight, our kids start to think about their classmates in a different way, maybe liking a boy or thinking he’s kind of cute,” Bates explains.

This developmental shift, says Calgary parenting coach Julie Freedman Smith, coincides with an awareness of the social conventions around privacy and their bodies—kids this age will start requesting to change in the gender-appropriate dressing room after swim lessons, for example.

And, when his asynchrony showed, like when he finished chatting up the cheese maker about microorganisms and their role in the curdling process, then tried to balance on the pig pen half wall, fell in amidst the piglets, and finished our visit to the barn area by lamenting over the unfair life of the runt.

We were able to go grab a snack, take a few minutes, and talk about injustice. Each is unique, and has special needs that you must recognize and celebrate.

Trevor and I had the opportunity to attend a homeschool class by ourselves — a rare treat.

It was really nice to spend the day with just him, out in the sunshine. Busy moms don’t get a chance to talk to their kids one on one very often.

I once had the dream of spending alone time with each one of my kids once a week.

And then I had a few more, started working from home, and threw homeschooling into the mix.

’” It can be a challenge for parents to react appropriately. This will help kids see the importance of their own inner qualities.


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