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The May 2010 Girov√° Mountain rockslide is an excellent case of a recurrent long-runout landslide nested within a deep-seated gravitational slope deformation with a long history of Late Quaternary mass movements.The chronology of slope failures within the studied slope was reconstructed by means of radiocarbon dating and dendrogeomorphological analysis.

Its main phase, during which a wedge-like block collapsed in the upper part of slope, lasted for a few hours.

The overloaded slope collapsed and its motion lasted for the following 3 days.

At least one Holocene long-runout landslide (7.4 cal ka BP) and several smaller failures (~ 1.5 and ~ 0.6 cal ka BP) preceded this recent catastrophic failure.

Dendrogeomorphological analysis showed that the failure had been preceded by at least 80-year-long creep movement that accelerated over the years due to extreme rainfall events.

The bridge is extremely popular among tourists for its fine views, some of the best of which can be enjoyed (along with the chance of avoiding the crowds) at dawn and again at dusk.

High above the old city of Brno is the beautiful Cathedral of St.

This famous structure spanning the River Vltava was built in 1357 and has many unique points of interest along its 520-meter span, including numerous fine statues.

Perhaps the most famous are those of the bridge's namesake, Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV, as well as one of John of Nepomuk dating from 1683 and honoring the country's most revered saint (he was deliberately drowned in the Vltava in the 14th century).

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