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After all, most of the 20,000 fans attending Comic Con over three days were under the age of 25, reflecting 60 percent of the Saudi population.

They came of age in a post-9/11 world where social media govern their leisure time and having an online boyfriend or girlfriend is somewhat of a right of passage. Smart, sophisticated youth that have unshackled themselves from many of the restrictions of the previous generation, but still respectful of Saudi customs and their religion.

And not a single member of the religious police was in sight.

Ask the attendees about this monumental break from custom and tradition, not to mention the law, and the response would be a shrug of the shoulders.

Music lifts the spirits and can unite people of different backgrounds.

In just a few months the emergence of public concerts, comedy shows, stage plays, pro wrestling matches and conventions like Comic Con have provided a clear indication that the world will remain spinning and the sky will not fall.

Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s Vision 2030 had some influence.

His austerity program is controversial among Saudis, but he also opened the door to bring more entertainment to the country to help fill a void in young peoples’ lives who often find little to do on weekends and may relieve their boredom with reckless behavior.

Young people have proven that there is no need to teach them morality or enforce morality on them.

The irony is the government wanted this for years, but the religious establishment and society in general were reluctant to let go.

Young Saudis have come to understand that religious dogma can be counterproductive in modern society if abused.

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