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Cognizant of the fact that his boo’s uber-powerful body essentially made her a medical marvel, Drake went above and beyond, debuting Drake 2.0.

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Specifically, Drake’s all-encompassing obsession with black women is a refreshing change of pace at a time when beauty standards are still far from inclusive.

From Nicki to Rihanna to Serena, Drake is reduced to a powerless heart-eyes emoji in the presence of beautiful, powerful black women.

His entire musical oeuvre is consumed by the fairer sex, as Drake obsessively rattles off the names and occupations of his various crushes like a particularly explicit pubescent.

These women hail from as close as Drake’s native Toronto and as far as his beloved Houston.

Aubrey “Drake” Graham is many things: a rapper, a strip club owner, and the guy who famous women hire to grind up on in their music videos.

Drake has made a career out of being a man who appreciates women, lending his lap, wallet, and Wi-Fi password to superstars, strippers, and ex-strippers in need.While the rapper’s unadulterated adoration is admirable, it’s also a bit much. For evidence of Drake’s thirst, look no further than how the man acts every time he manages to score a girlfriend.Drake embodies the rom-com trope of the girl who suffocates her man by taking him engagement ring shopping on the second date.When he wasn’t trying to gaslight Rihanna, Drake ran through a handful of girlfriends who were actually willing to admit that they were dating him.The best example of a wifed-up Drake comes courtesy of the Serena Williams era.There’s Courtney from Hooters on Peachtree, Porsche from Treasures, Maliah and Chyna. He can barely go a verse without dropping the names of his favorite exotic dancers. Where other rappers might summarize a few sexual positions and call it a day, Drake’s songwriting approach is more akin to dream journaling.


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