Sqldataadapter rowupdating

Before i close the question and award you full points , there are one two small things i would like to know. The Row Updating event is firing only for new, updated and deleted rows only and not for all rows. Now in case you make a change say modify a value the Has Versions is set to true and the old row as well as the new row is stored in the datatable. Accept Changes (or reject Changes) the versions are removed and has Versions is set to False. Delete Command = CMDDelete Blocks still the relevant command objects run. BUT this is true only for a single table Query, if your Select Command given to the Data Adapter is a Join Query it will fail and give Error, then it will require explicit Queries for each of Insert Command, Update Command and Delete Command 3.

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I can show some code, how i am doing it , but its not working.

I am taking the oledbinsertcommand1 query inside a class, inside a function, and converting it to oracle stored procedure for inserting a new row. How can i ensure that when i call Oledb Data Adaptor.update(Dataset), the 4 values will be copied to 4 parameters defined in stored procedure and the stored procedure will be called and a new row will be inserted.

Current) so that the stored procedure compares the old value with existing data in Database finds the particular row and then assigns the new value and stores it. Row Updating where objblocks is the object of the class.

Execute Non Query() End With Catch ex As Exception Msg Box(ex.

The following Sql Row Updating Event Args properties provide information specific to this event.

to modify update behavior before it happens, to provide additional handling when an update will occur, to retain a reference to an updated row, to cancel the current update and schedule it for a batch process to be processed later, and so on. Modified Then 'stored procedure for modifying which will use datarow versions End If If e. and what do you mean by "One thing That I notice here is in Your Row Updating event Handler since you are using Explicit queries I think You'll need to cancel the implicit one." How this is done. Deleted Then 'stored procedure for deleting End If End Sub End Class and the form code is Private Sub Form1_Load(By Val sender As System. So after update to database you should call Data Table. These are only for the Client side data stored in the datatable the nackend is only updated through Data Adapter or Command Object. I notice that that i need not give these statements DABlocks. Row Updated event is not firing , I have added the event handler in constructor It should I can't say why its not firing, Check your code something must be there somewhere 4. Execute Non Query() End With Catch ex As Exception Msg Box(ex. New Row new Block("dist_code") = txt District Code. In case its a simple single table situation this code will do, Put this code in the Class whose object is objblocks Public Sub Update Records 'Open a data Adpater and pass a Select statement to it Dim DA As Ole Db Data Adapter = New Ole Db Data Adapter("Select * from Your_Table", "Your_Connection_String") 'This will Handle the Row Updated event Add Handler DA. Errors Is Nothing Then Msg Box("No Errors") 'You can access the Row being Updated as Dim Dr as data Row=e. Update Records Thanks again I have gone through your explaination carefully and again and again. Execute Scalar() End With Catch ex As Exception Msg Box(ex. So you check out whther you need an explicit Insert Command or not. Message) End If End Sub Put both these functions in your class then call objblocks. As for that, I also need to retrieve the Data Relation from the current row being updated.


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