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The statistics also confirmed the capital has a higher average income than the 360 regions identified, and it terms of its murder rate - that's practically non existent.

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A New York Times article recently told its readers that while it does not compare to the 'glitzier city of Sydney' and 'there are no beaches or iconic opera houses' it does have 'big-sky beauty, breezy civic pride and a decidedly hipster underbelly.'It also recommended going for a bicycle ride which loops one of the capital's premier attractions, it's lake.

But it isn't just any lake, it was named after Chicago man, Walter Burley Griffin, who designed the capital built in the centre of Melbourne and Sydney.

Brie Petersen came up with the idea after visiting friends in the rural town of Mungindi in Queensland.

During a night at the pub, the owner told her that he regularly received letters from single women in Brisbane and Sydney asking him to set them up with farmers.

I didn’t exactly marry a country boy in the terms of him being raised on a farm. Either way, let me continue by giving you those 7 reasons …I have noticed that they are good with their hands.

If something needs to be done, then they seem to always have that solution to getting it done.In the case that she’s met your mother she’s a keeper, as a city girl getting the nod of approval indoors is not to be taken lightly. You’re so dreamy and strong, if she’s still smiling while covered in muck and milk, put a ring on her.Your city girl says she’s dying to see the baby calves and she appears at the farmyard gate with flowery wellies and an enthusiastic grin. The acculturation stage So, she offered and she might as well get used to it to, so she helps you move the cows back to fresh grass.“Stand there in that gap and don’t move,” you say, adding “darling” and your heart is in your mouth because this could go any way.She’s too embarrassed to admit she’s terrified of those huge animals and wants to go home.I have decided to do a blog on 7 reasons to date country boys.


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