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The previous two summers have been, at best, a mix of muggy mist, fluorescent-white clouds and a few fleeting rays of sunshine.

During that first year in Drogheda I had a total of one al fresco meal, which was cut short by a sudden downpour.

When I went home last year and visited my hairdresser, his first reaction was, “Your hair is SO dark!

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Reliable Protection Around The Clock Operators analyze all information from the computer, from contacting individuals at the premises and other designated persons.

Then the appropriate action is taken by the operator which may include contacting Police, Fire, or Medical authorities as directed by the computer database information for each individual customer.

I can’t remember ever being able to step outside after 8 PM in just a t-shirt here, but in the last several weeks I’ve donned short sleeves outdoors in the evening more than a few times.

Mountaineering Man and I have been sleeping on top of the duvet for the last month or so, and we’re both sporting tans – REAL tans (not that either of us would ever get fake tan, sorry but I haven’t bought into that Irish obsession nor will I ! We’ve even gotten out for a couple of picnics and barefoot walks on the beach, which I realise for my friends in LA is typical summer behaviour but for us is a real treat.

You can place confidence in the integrity of the UL Mark on products you purchase.

In addition to purchasing products with the UL Mark, you can leverage this section to learn about safety, evaluate your own use of common household products, and audit the safety of your home and workplace.

Either of the computers is capable of performing the entire computing task both monitoring and accounting.

If the operating computer were to fail, the standby computer is activated in seconds with no loss of information or processing capability.

I grew up in the small town of Locust Grove in Northeast Oklahoma.

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