Wot updating tankers

mod Final Shot Arty Log mod Spot Messanger (Im Spotted mod) ~ Changed section Hangar in installer. 9.20.0 #00 - initial release - greyed out options in installer are not ready for 0.9.20 yet ^ Updated XVM 6.8.2 #7826 ^ Updated PMod 27-3 ^ Updated Hang Man 2.14.5 ^ Updated Hit Zones: Go Ha.ru, White ^ Updated Contour Icons, Icons wit Tier, Golden premium tanks ^ Updated White dead tanks and tracks # Fixed scripts_for NA (US Central server added) # Fixed gui_for ASIA server Adaptation for micropatch ~ Battle Hits and Pathfinder 3D were reworked, because of their size, to download during installation (DL) ^ Updated HRGS Gun sounds from Zorgane v 1.16 ^ Updated Clan Icons for EU, NA, ASIA and RU servers ~ Changed: if Tessu Mod is installed, Team Speak API is automaticaly copied to config file (thx.to budyx69 for this idea) ^ Updated XVM 6.8.2-dev #7791 ^ Updated Zayaz DP and Kobka G DP - quick repair in screen center under CTRL ^ Updated Pathfinder 3D # Fixed WN8 Stats and Battle results window ^ Updated Time Spent 3.7 ^ Updated WN8 Stats # fixed pages (Wot Twekwer and Mod Settings) in installer when using Modify and Repair functions # fixed translation in installer # fixed Armor calculator from Battle Observer Translated in-game mods settings to EN and CZ Added new page to installer with options to handle file 1.

From version 2.10 there is no need to uninstall before update.

Downloaded files are now stored in \webium-download\ folder - this files are not deleted after installation, so you can manualy extract the mod to your game in case of error by extracting. Even by changing the installation, or updating, these files will be not downloaded again. From 0.8.10 is modpack as installer (CZ/DE/EN/ES/FR/IT/NL/PL/RO) - with selectable options to install.

Displayed in center, if combined with HP Pools WGL style (see pics in installer) Chat Filter Voices from Czech movies Duke Nukem voices Tessu Mod After battle stats (girls/tanks) Ammo, Equipment, Skills Icons ^ Updated Multi Hit Log ^ Updated Safe Shot ^ Updated Kobka G DP UT Announcer Crosshairs: Harpoon, Harpoon mini, Damocles, Shtys, Hard Scope, Taipan2, Overcross, Zayaz Damage Panels: Zayaz, Bio Nick, Kobka, Shtys, Rabbit, Mini # fixed Damage Log installation ~ fine tuning with delay for Gun Reloaded sound by caliber ~ changed sight script to mod_vx Crosshairs ^ Updated PMod 24-5 XVM Sixth Sense sounds Gun Reloaded sound (UP!

) Johny Bafak Vertical Tech Tree Crew Skill Informer Tidy Messenger Spot Messanger (Im spotted mod) Gun Constraints Info Panel Reload Command Gambit ER Damage Log ^ Updated Auto Aim Indication ^ Updated Golden premium tanks ^ Updated Contour icons ^ Updated White dead tanks, tracks, wagons - initial release - greyed out options in installer are not ready for yet Note: some mods are provided in new form in \mods folder (PMod, Battle Observer, ...) CT2 ^ Updated XVM 6.5.5-dev #7188 CT2 ^ Updated XVM 6.5.5-dev #7164 * fixed carousel filter, profile New tool for installer - Clone Tool * Run installer with preloaded mods selection, based on webium * Use it for exact same installation on different devices * How it works - run Clone Tool from Windows Start menu - Clone Tool (Webiums LOADINF) * Select installer file (.exe) and webium file and run it CT2 ^ Updated for CT2 ^ Updated XVM 6.5.5-dev #7155 CT - initial release - greyed out options in installer are not ready for CT yet Known bugs: - Carousel filter is not working - Personal score in Battle results window is not working - Sixth sense sound is not working v04 ^ Updated XVM 6.5.5-dev #7162 ^ Updated Auto Aim Indication ~ mod_replaced with mod_vx New tool for installer - Clone Tool * Runs installer with preloaded mods selection, based on webium * Use it for exact same installation on different devices * How it works: run Clone Tool from Windows Start menu - Clone Tool (Webiums LOADINF) * Select installer file (.exe) and webium file and run it * Download it separately from v03 ^ Update XVM 6.5.5-dev #7116 ^ Updated Auto Aim Indication Crosshairs: Zayaz, Voin * Note: Crosshairs marked with an [s] sign uses mod_ If you dont see HUD elements after battle start, press ALT F4 and start the game again.

Use New translated file - file localized to EN with default settings will be installed = you will need to adjust all your settings 2.

Use file from backup - here will be used your current file from appdata/3.

for XVM (second page - XVM Settings) added options to Auto Aim Indicator * Announce Reload to chat (only if it's longer than 10 seconds) * Block Shots on Dead Tanks * Block Shots on Allies re-added Safe Shot Clock in hangar Calculator in hangar 9.16.15 ^ Updated XVM ^ Updated Hang Man 2.9.7 ^ Updated Auto Quest 0.0.1 ^ Updated Team HP Pool Bars ATAC Dir Indicator Zoom Out White Dead Tanks/Tracks/Wagons Hit Zones Spotted vehicle direction on aim circle Tessu Mod FAIR PLAY: - removed Safe Shot 9.16.14 ^ Updated XVM 6.4.9-dev #6818 ^ Updated PMod 23-3 Auto Quest - Set individual missions for certain vehicles [skino88] * select vehicles in garage and set them different missions * this wiil be remembered and you dont need set them again with every vehicle change 9.16.13 ^ Updated XVM 6.4.9-dev #6784 ^ Updated Scriptloader PRO 1.20 ^ Updated PMod 23-2 FAIR PLAY: - removed Reload info from Info Panel - removed Zoom Out for Arcade view - removed Hit Zones - removed White Dead Skins, Tracks, etc.

9.16.12 ^ Updated XVM 6.4.8 ^ Updated Multi Hit Log ^ Updated Contour Icons ^ Updated Golden Premium icons Advanced Aiming System ~ Changed config for Im spotted (alert is displayed only if there is less than 6 players in team) ^ Updated Auto Aim Indicator (now without snapping) NEW SOUNDS: Sound for Critical Hit - sound is played, when you give critical hit to your opponent Enemy on Fire - sound is played, when your shot is causing fire to the enemy Enemy Blowed Up - sound is played, when your shot Blows Up your opponent Fire Alert - sound notification when your vehicle is in fire Ammo Bay Damaged - sound notification when your Ammo Bay is damaged Hit from Arty - sound notification when Arty hit your vehicle (Im open to your ideas for Enemy on Fire, Enemy Blowed Up and Hit by Arty ) REMOVED MODS (Illegal by WG): - ZJ Reload Timer - removed reloading timer from Gambiter and XVM Damage Panels - removed reloading timer from Elkano Received Damage Announcer - removed Dir Indicator - removed ATAC 9.16.11 ^ Updated XVM 6.4.8-dev #6739 ^ Updated ZJ Reload Timer - text only (active until ) ^ Updated WN8 Stats 9.16.10 # Fixed WGs Damage Log # Fixed Old Minimap Top Tankers 9.16.09 ^ Updated XVM ^ Updated Old Minimaps (DL) ^ Updated Gun Constraints (settings in game) ^ Updated Hang Man 9.16.08 # fixed Gun Sounds ^ Updated ZJ Reload Timer - text only (active until 1.11.2016) Im Spotted mod [oldskool] 9.16.07 ^ Updated XVM #6640 added section XVM Damage Log in installer (selectable only if there was no Damage Panel/Log selected on 1.

UI Scale Vertical and Horizontal Tech Tree Disable Mirrored Icons ^ Updated Battle Observer # fix Path Finder installation 9.22.0 #00 - initial release - greyed out options in installer are not ready for 0.9.22 yet #03 ^ Updated Marks On Gun Extended 3.06 ^ Updated Crew Skill Informer UI Scale Mod #02 # fixed Crew Skill Informer installation (reverted to previous version) #01 ^ Updated Disable Contour icons mirroring ^ Updated Crew Skill Informer ^ Updated Spot Messanger (Im spotted mod) ~ Refactored sound mods (some of files combined to one file) Hangars: Miku, Hell Minimal, Bat Cave #00 Adaptation to micropatch #05 ^ Updated Horizontal Tech Tree ^ Updated Johny_Bafak Vertical Tech Tree ^ Updated Auto Aim Indicator ^ Updated PCM Helper ^ Updated Engines sounds Echoes of War ^ Updated Achievments in Battle ^ Updated Final Shot Crosshairs: Staple, Animated-1, Over Cross, Blue Light, Animated-6 New mod: Marks On Gun Extended (In Game Info section) #04 ~ Changed all Damage Panels to different versions added new options to installer (Select Dir page): * Use Backup for WN Session Stats. ^ Updated crosshair Kellerman blue # fixed config for WN8 Stats Non XVM installation: ~ Sixth Sense icons are in modified sixth - custom Sixth Sense icon installation is disabled - removed mod Move WG Damage Panel :) Merry christmas!


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