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What they’re basically saying is they don’t want anyone.

They’re not ready yet, and getting with them will only end in disappointment when they get scared and randomly delete their profiles.2.

Women at Spelman College have Morehouse College just around the corner.

He might also say that: “It seems as though I’m more into you than you are into me.”This is another red flag that hints at the kind of neediness you really could do without. Too Much Involvement Next one of clear dating red flags is too much involvement. A guy who wants to have a say in everything you do should be one to be wary of.

At first, it might seem like he’s a really lovely guy who would do anything for anyone.

There's a common misconception that boys are never around at women's colleges.

But chances are, your friends have brothers and guy friends that they know.

Getting off campus gives you the opportunity to meet new people, of either gender, and swap numbers.

It's generally safer for women to travel in groups.

While we may not all be going to college to meet "Mr.

Right," it's natural to want some sort of romantic experience (preferably drama free! But if you've made the choice to attend a women's college, you might feel your romantic life is doomed. There are ways for you to safely meet potential dating partners.

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A woman flying solo in clubs and bars may send a message and attract the wrong kind of guy.

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