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Im innocent, and yet Ive got this verdict there." Durham DA, Roger Echols: "There could be a need for Mr. The law will treat him as guilty, and he will forever be treated as guilty." Candace Zamperini: Michael Peterson you are pleading guilty to voluntary manslaughter. You are still being held accountable and are liable for a wrongful death suit -- in that you owe Kathleen's daughter, Caitlin, 25 million dollars -- but actually, with interest it's closer to 50 million dollars. And now finally today, what my family has always, always wanted to hear: you are pleading guilty today to beating my sister Kathleen to death.

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The defendant's family had to finally face the fact that he'd spent many years and a million dollars in a truly evil attempt to blame the crime on his victim.

From the beginning, Michael insisted his wife had been acting recklessly, had become manic and was generally ill.

Once it was proven that the fiction writer had in fact murdered Kathleen Peterson on December 11, 2001 -- there was no reasonable doubt that for quite some time, he'd been telling outrageous lies and enlisting others to lie for him.

The reality of Kathleen Peterson's killing wasn't the only truth exposed on October 10.

As far as I know, that's what happened." -- Micheal Peterson "I'm innocent of these charges and we will prove it in court." -- Michael Peterson Though convicted of first degree murder in 2003 and sentenced to life in prison, Michael Peterson was ordered released pending a new trial in 2011 by Judge Orlando Hudson who found that SBI blood analyst, Duane Deaver, had given false and misleading testimony.

Peterson is now set to face retrial in the 2001 death of his wife, Kathleen.

A hearing on the agreement has been scheduled for February 24, 2017 at 11 AM." "The truth is Kathleen Peterson, after drinking some wine and some champagne and taking some valium, tried to walk up a narrow, poorly lit stairway in flip-flops.

She fell and bled to death." -- David Rudolf, December, 2001 "If you want my opinion, they were probably shit-faced and she fell." -- Todd Peterson, December, 2001 "When I called 9-1-1, I thought she'd fallen down the stairs.

Michael Peterson: "I dont see it as victory at all . Reportedly, the 73-year-old will enter an Alford plea and receive a sentence less than the time he's already served in prison.


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