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It forms words such as unicycle, a term for a cycle with just one wheel, and unicellular, meaning 'consisting of a single cell'.And in fact the 20-volume historical Oxford English Dictionary contains entries for the words unisexual, meaning 'of one sex or relating to one sex' and unisexuality, meaning 'the state of being unisexual'.

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We also have a secret Facebook group for building community. [email protected]@ Home Meeting of AA We met by telephone on Tuesday nights at pm Eastern Time.

If you'd like an invite, you will need to send a friend request to one of us so we can add you. Recommended - join from PC, Mac, i OS or Android: Call in from i Phone with just one-tap (US Toll): 14157629988,687118144# Call in from any phone: Dial: 1 4 (US Toll) Meeting ID: 687 118 144 International numbers available: No computer needed however long distance charges may apply.

Both these words date back to the early 19th century.

Unisex is a much newer word: it was coined in the 1960s and originally used in relatively informal contexts.

However, in some more cosmopolitan swimming baths, and other places, there are such things as unisex changing areas, or unisex toilets.

From my understanding The combining form uni- does normally mean 'one, having or consisting of one': it comes from Latin unus 'one'.Phone number is (605) 562-0020 and the access code is 310346616#[email protected] Spiritual Recovery This AA group is oriented to serving agnostics, freethinkers, atheists, non-theists, non-believers, rationalists, naturalists, humanists, secularists, skeptics .....pretty much anyone who is likely to struggle with working a program of recovery that contains the words God, Him and His. Each week, there are multiple email topic meetings, initiated by a volunteer.There is also open discussion on current events affecting a person's recovery.A fairly informal group of recovering Alcoholics that stress support and growth. We ask that each person affirm the Third Tradition. hl=en 12 and 12 Friends of Bill Wilson We are a group of men and women dedicated to the beliefs of Alcoholics Anonymous and to the legacy that our founders left us. forum/friends-of-bill-wilson [email protected] Step Online Online AA meeting place and discussion forum Meeting times: every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from p-p EST.Its formation seems to have been influenced by words such as union, united, and universal, from which it took the sense of something that was shared.

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