Dating websites and self esteem

For most of them the decline is part of the aging process caused by the death of brain cells.

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The definition of the word cognition, means the Cognitive skills are the mental capabilities that a person has which allow them to process all the information they receive from their five senses.

These skills are needed for a person to be able to think, talk, learn or read.

They are what gives a person the ability to recall things from memory.

Cognitive skills also are needed to: There are many types of activities that help to maintain and improve the cognitive skills of older seniors. Other mind-challenging activities include playing games, making crafts and solving puzzles.

These activities stimulate the brain cells and often provide interaction with others.

Finding something that interests the elderly person provides them with enjoyment and a sense of positive self-esteem.

If the person has a physical limitation such as a shortened attention span, arthritis or poor eye-to-hand coordination, modify a craft or hobby in ways so they can still enjoy being part of things that make them happy.

Depending on the seniors interests and abilities, the following are examples of possible crafts or hobbies they may enjoy.

By asking their opinions and advice on situations and events, their minds are stimulated and they experience a feeling of self-worth.


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