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Content note for profanity, social justice stuff, manosphere stuff, and graphic descriptions of sex. It is meant to rebut some common beliefs within the “manosphere” about how human sexual interaction works.

Third, you can say that the Chinese were mistaken for a thousand years about evolution wanting them to get boners for girls with bound feet, and mysteriously 21st-century Americans are the only culture who has figured out the correct evolved sexuality. Oh, so you’re one of those people who thinks that we only believe in beauty norms because the evil patriarchy is brainwashing us, and if we didn’t we’d think that every body is beautiful.

There are actually options between “all ideas of beauty are inborn” and “all ideas of beauty are socially constructed.” For instance, one could say that our ideas of beauty are the product of biology and environment working together. I do think some beauty standards are probably inborn and fairly immutable.

It is a very boring prediction of feminist theory that the genders behave differently from each other.

After all, if you divide children into two random groups and tell half of them to be courageous and half of them to be gentle, one half is probably going to be courageous and the other is going to be gentle.

When they are young and hot enough to hope to secure commitment from alphas or when they are ovulating and thus capable of having children, women pursue “alpha fucks.” Beta males are generally middle-class or above and do not have alpha male traits.

Women seek betas when they are older or less attractive, or when they aren’t ovulating, in order to secure commitment and extract resources. I am polyamorous, which means I openly and honestly date multiple people at the same time.

Symmetrical faces are not simply preferred in the US and the UK: Chinese and Japanese people prefer symmetrical faces, as do the Hadza hunter-gatherer tribe.

(In fact, the Hadza prefer symmetrical faces more strongly than Americans do!

I am a nonbinary trans person, but I was born with a vagina, a female-typical hormone balance, and as far as I am aware two X chromosomes.


  1. Basically, everything fetish lovers are looking for.

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