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Like Fincher’s movies, his profanity-laced Playboy interview is at turns gut-busting and even stomach-turning (the guy presents imagery in his second answer that will have the faint of heart reaching for the scroll button). Here are seven of the best tidbits we gleaned from Playboy’s Q& A." data-reactid="28"In case we haven’t mentioned it, we read Playboy for the articles.

And there’s a good one in the October issue – which, since it’s 2014, is now online.

David Fincher may not be the first filmmaker that comes to mind when thinking about the perfect date movie, but he’s certainly one of the most fitting.

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It’s the most purely “popcorn movie” feature Fincher has ever made.

It’s a home invasion movie where the captives are separated from the invaders by a foolproof panic room door—although matters are complicated by the fact that what the invaders want is inside the room the homeowners are in.

Fincher, then 37 years old, said the risky project ultimately died at the box office because of false advertising, mostly from its distributor 20th Century Fox.

“Fox marketed ‘Fight Club’ mostly on the World Wrestling Federation. He joked that the film was too “homoerotic” for WWF.

Though the movie, starring Brad Pitt and Edward Norton, is highly regarded today, it struggled mightily out of the gate.

“‘Fight Club’ sold less than 5,000 copies,” Palahniuk said of the 1996 book.In many ways he’s the closest thing we have to a modern Alfred Hitchcock—a filmmaker interested in entertaining his audiences above all, but also offering a thematic meal to chew on long after the credits have rolled. That film ruffled studio feathers even though Fincher had been completely upfront about the kind of movie he was making, and while it was gaining traction as a cult favorite, Fincher’s brand of satire was falling on some deaf ears as viewers embraced the picture for the wrong reasons.But in signing on to direct David Koepp’s script works as a great date movie because it is an out-and-out thriller meant to take audiences on a ride, made by a master filmmaker.He resented claims that Se7en started the “torture porn” movement.Asked by interviewer Stephen Rebello if viewers ever confront him for “unlocking their personal Pandora’s box of dark thoughts,” Fincher thought back to the horror trend of the early 2000s: “It was offensive to me on a certain level that when movie, left so much more to the imagination than the proudly grotesque “torture porn” movies (a label, it should be noted, if often resented in the horror community).As Comic-Con fanboys and fangirls roared in excitement Saturday at Marvel’s Hall H panel, which featured the entire cast of “The Avengers: Age of Ultron,” one of the most popular films of the past 20 years was quietly discussed for a much smaller, attentive crowd at the San Diego Convention Center.

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