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Soviet jet fighters intercept a Korean Airlines passenger flight in Russian airspace and shoot the plane down, killing 269 passengers and crewmembers.

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Lee strikes retreating Union forces at Chantilly, Virginia, and drives them away in the middle of an intense thunderstorm.

Although his army routed the Yankee forces of General John Pope at Bull Run,...

On September 1, 1964, pitcher Masanori Murakami becomes the first Japanese man to play in U.

For millions of Americans, quality health care begins with quality radiologic care.

On this day in 1802, the Richmond Recorder publishes a report that Thomas Jefferson, at the time temporarily retired from politics and living on his plantation, Monticello, kept one of his female slaves as a mistress. De Gaulle said that negotiations toward a settlement of the war could begin as soon as the United... On his second pass, Colonel Jones’ aircraft was hit and the cockpit... This legislation, proposed by Senators George Mc Govern of South Dakota and Mark Hatfield of Oregon, would have set a deadline of December 31, 1971, for complete withdrawal of American troops from South Vietnam. On this day in 1917, American soldier Stull Holt writes a letter home recounting some of his battlefield experiences on the Western Front at Verdun, France.

The article gave only the woman’s first name, “Sally,” but was most likely referring... Murakami pitched a scoreless eighth inning for the San Francisco Giants in a 4-1 loss to the New York Mets in front of 39,379 fans at Shea Stadium. In a speech before 100,000 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, President Charles de Gaulle of France denounces U. Born in New York City in 1896, Holt served during World War I as a driver with the American Ambulance Field Service. On this day in 1939, German forces bombard Poland on land and from the air, as Adolf Hitler seeks to regain lost territory and ultimately rule Poland. The German invasion of Poland was a primer on how Hitler intended to wage war–what would become the “blitzkrieg”...The iconic American huckster, showman and circus entrepreneur P. Barnum is most often associated not with refined high culture but of somewhat coarser forms of entertainment—the circus, yes, but also Siamese twins and various human oddities such as “Zip the Pinhead” and the “Man-monkey.” It was none other than P. On this day in 1836, Narcissa Whitman arrives in Walla Walla, Washington, becoming one of the first Anglo women to settle west of the Rocky Mountains. Jones III leads a mission near Dong Hoi, North Vietnam, to rescue a downed pilot.Narcissa and Marcus Whitman, along with their close friends Eliza and Henry Spalding, had departed from New York earlier that year on the long overland... government to pull its troops out of Southeast Asia. Locating the pilot, who had activated his emergency locator beacon, Colonel Jones attacked a nearby gun emplacement. Senate rejects the Mc Govern-Hatfield amendment by a vote of 55-39.Screening mammography leads to the early detection and treatment of breast cancer, a disease that kills more than 45,000 U. But any radiologic procedure is only as effective as the person performing it.An underexposed chest x-ray cannot reveal tuberculosis or pneumonia; an improperly performed ultrasound study cannot detect spina bifida or other growth defects in a developing fetus; and inadequate mammography technique cannot help detect breast cancer.To be clinically useful, radiologic procedures must meet a high standard of quality. Congress voted in 1981 to adopt the Consumer-Patient Radiation Health and Safety Act.

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