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I told her that, and she understood saying something along the lines of "Yeah, I know you wouldn't do that, but just hearing that stresses me out even more.

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It just seemed like it was harder to accomplish because she was busy (including myself as my long 12 hour days seem to always be opposite of her days off).

But last week, things really did take a turn for the ugly...

After you create your account, you'll be able to customize options and access all our 15,000 new posts/day with fewer ads. The relationship as a whole has been absolutely fabulous.

Hello everyone, If some of you remember from this thread , I crossed paths with someone very compatible with me. I've never told a girlfriend that I love them, she was my first. I understand that there will be a string of days where she's busy and all we'll do is call/text each other.

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It sounds like you tried to talk to her to no avail.

You are correct: A cordial relationship at church, with her partner between you, is far different than the relationship you once had.

I am also SO hurt because I had helped her with her master's project taking pictures. Of all the people in my life I always thought she'd be the last one to try cut the ties to a friendship, yet it feels like it's happening all over again and I am heartbroken.

It involved going to nightly rehearsals and taking many photos of the cast and crew (it was a drama project based thing). I literally spent HOURS and HOURS of my time helping her out. I got a thank you card, which was a nice gesture, but for all the time I put into helping her out I feel totally used. Signed, Nicole ANSWER Dear Nicole, I'm so sorry you are feeling this hurt.

I told her that when two people love each other (like we've repeatedly said over our 8months), you just don't give up or take a break... She texted she doesn't want us to go in different ways... It's like she wants me to be on call and there for her when things settle down...


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