Rocsi and terrence dating 2016

In the latter, the Mark Burnett-produced show follows 12 ladies looking for love in the Caribbean Islands and have their pick of 12 eligible bachelors, deciding on-the-spot if there’s instant chemistry or if it’s on to the next one.

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Once you let go of that fear, you’ll know exactly when it’s time to leave.” Defining love isn’t as easy of a task for Terrence.

“You know I’m still trying to figure it out,” he admits.

“I’m really at a place now where my career and just really laying down the foundation for the rest of my life is my priority,” he tells me over the phone. It’s all about my career.” While there’s no interrupting his grinding, Terrence is still tackling projects in the romance department.

His latest big-screen venture, , isn’t autobiographical but follows a playboy named Charlie who foregoes emotional attachment after his parents’ death for frequent one-night stands with whom Paula Patton’s character describes as “floozies.” He then enters a casual situation-ship with Eva (played by singer/model Cassie) that unlocks his craving for something deeper.

“I feel like it’s a story that lot of guys can relate to.

In life, in order for a man to become the man he’s gonna be, you gotta go through heartbreak [and] a certain level of understanding,” he explains.

A healthy love life is its own full-time job, and often comes second to one’s career.

Carving out Tinder time, planning getaways, and sending blue bubbled text messages to a love interest requires time that could be devoted to fulfilling a deadline or slaving away at the office well after clock-out.

Whether it’s a good or bad thing, it remains to be seen.” Taking leaps of faith is the central theme of Terrence J’s come-up. News in search of more fulfilling passion projects could make any dedicated 9-to-5-er tremble with fear.

“A lot of times, we go against ourselves,” he offers.

On November 19, 2012 she joined Entertainment Tonight as a daily correspondent and weekend co-host.


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