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How has he been spending his time since his O-Town days?Ashley Parker Angel was born on August 1 1981 in Redding, California to Darren and Paula Parker.

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Their lead single, Liquid Dreams, peaked at number ten on the Hot 100, hitting number one in Canada.

Their follow-up single would do even better, peaking at number three. Making the band continued to shadow them for two more seasons, becoming the first reality show to retain the same cast for more than one season.

Ashley Parker Angel has had a roller-coaster of a career.

Rocketing to stardom in 2000 with the reality boy band O-Town we saw the now classic story of slow decline into obscurity.

By the time the third season rolled around the group wanted to be taken more seriously by its peers, writing their own music and marketing themselves as more than “just a boy band”.

Unfortunately by the time of the late 2002 release of “O2” the wind was out of the sails of the “Teen-Pop” genre.His mother named him after her favorite “Gone with the Wind” character Ashley Wilkes.His parents divorced when he was three years old and Paula would marry Ron Angel, who legally adopted Ashley.It was a modest success but nowhere near that of their début. Sordid allegations hit the band’s manager Lou Pearlman in 2007, including embezzlement and fraud, most unsettlingly accusations of sexual misconduct with both minors and members of O-Town.He was convicted on May 21 2008 and is currently serving a sentence of twenty-five years.Combined with his appreciation of an SNL sketch that made fun of him it’s clear he has a good sense of humor about himself.

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