Dating and 1st year sobriety

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Although the historical records of Izas Manu's death are inconclusive, Ellis believes he was among the three Jewish leaders who were rounded-up and crucified by the Romans, according to the 1st century Jewish historian Josephus Flavius.

This version of events has striking parallels with Jesus' own death when he was led to the cross alongside two others, while wearing a crown of thorns and a purple cloak.

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The historian has studied the lives of the pair and cross-referenced all recorded and anecdotal evidence, and believes that the striking similarities between them cannot be a coincidence.

Ellis said he is convinced 'beyond any reasonable doubt' that the same man was posthumously referred to by two names - 'King Izas Manu', and '(King) Jesus Emmanuel'.

Critics appear to have highlighted flaws in his theory and in particular some inconsistencies in the timelines between Jesus Emmanuel and Izas Manu's lives.

Detractors pointed out that the Syrian coin, which says 'King Manu' in Aramaic, was apparently minted for Manu VIII, who is known to have lived some 70 years after Izas Manu VI.

For centuries historians have disagreed about what Jesus Christ looked like, but an ancient coin depicting a bearded man could have the answer, a new book claims A tiny bronze coin, dating from the first century AD, is the only lifelike image ever made of Christ, according to British biblical historian Ralph Ellis.

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