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In our tests, we used the palm-sized Magewell XI100D.

Realpeople cams-30

Fourth, the camera’s distortion control is pretty impressive.

360-degree cameras often create a fisheye effect or bending of vertical lines based on how they capture and stitch together images.

Third, the camera enables you to capture video in up to 6480×1080 at 30 frames per second (30fps).

Technically, that’s 1080p, but with the 360-degree viewing angle, you’re capturing a much wider field of view than typical 1920×1080 webcams and camcorders.

Often, the conference room is too small and the camera’s field of view is too narrow.

Sometimes, the configuration of the conference room is such that it forces the camera to be placed farther away from people, making it hard to see their faces.

In our testing, and in the video sample above, the mild distortion from the V.360° didn’t detract from the viewing experience.

Fifth, the camera includes different formatting options for your videos.

The key configuration settings include video resolution (6480×1080, 3840×640, 2880×480, and 1920×320) and white balance (which we left set to Auto).

Once the V.360° is configured, you have two video capture options.

The current release of the V.360° is quite capable as a meeting capture device.

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