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Here are 16 places to meet single guys IRL, as well as some tips on how to talk to him once you spot him: I can't count the number of times I've had a drink at a busy restaurant, and I could see at table of attractive men nearby.

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I, like 97% of American women (non-scientific estimate) and at least three Smitten commenters, am instantly turned on by a sexy accent.

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Ask his server what he's drinking, and ask them to bring him one from you.

I tried this once, simply as a social experiment, and it was both hilarious and successful. After I sent him the beer, he, of course, came up to my table and said thank you, and he even sat down at my table for a bit. You can also check for cute guys holding almost-empty beers and say, “I'm going to grab myself a beer. ”Always go to parties with your outgoing friends because if all else fails, you can get them to march right up to the guy you want to talk to and say, “Hey, I want you to meet my friend!

A face-to-face first meeting allows you to get a feel for his personality, his sense of humour and his ability to converse in person, none of which can be determined on an app.

It's these detriments of dating apps that waste our time when someone we meet up with isn't at all who we thought they'd be IRL, and it's these wasted nights that motivate us to meet men out in the real world, instead.

Even though dating apps are super convenient, they're, unfortunately, putting a stop to the meet-cute.

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