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It’s a rare beast: a musical with zero razzle-dazzle, adapted from a delicate indie film (Israeli director and screenwriter Eran Kolirin’s 2007 feature of the same name), where none of the performers dance with Fosse flair or sing with the traditional glossy Broadway belt, where intimate character study replaces high drama and silences are as important as language.Director David Cromer, book writer Itamar Moses, and composer/lyricist David Yazbek are clearly unified in their pursuit of the specific and the humane over the grandiose.

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Dan Auerbach de The Black Keys, Fun., Jay-Z, Mumford & Sons, Frank Ocean y Kanye West recibieron las seis nominaciones y los tres primeros son nominados a esta entrega por primera vez en su carrera y en categorías estelares.

Les siguen con cinco cada uno The Black Keys, Chic Corea y Miguel.

The town is Bet Hatikva — “With a ‘B’.” The band, it turns out, was searching for Petah Tikva (“With a ‘P’”), a bustling metropolis with “lots of fun, lots of art, lots of culture” where they’ve been invited to play a concert at the Arab Cultural Center.

But when you don’t speak Hebrew, the two town names sound practically identical (and Arabic has no ‘P’ sound), and so the Egyptians have ended up on the wrong bus — only to arrive in a city whose residents describe it with bone-dry hilarity in the song “Welcome to Nowhere”: Of course in a “basically bleak and beige and blah blah blah” town like this, there’s not another bus till morning.

Canción del año: “The a team” (Ed Sheeran); “Adorn” (Miguel Pimentel); “Call me maybe” (Carly Rae Jepsen); “Stronger” (What doesn’t Kill you) (Kelly Clarkson) y “We are young” (Fun).

Artista Revelación: Alabama Shakes; Fun.; Hunter Hayes; The Lumineers y Frank Ocean.Its sound — dense and atmospheric and drawn from a non-Western musical idiom — is utterly distinctive on Broadway.It features numbers that are entirely instrumental, not to mention sequences of nightly improvisation by the superb musicians.David Yazbek’s exquisite, exuberant score, rich with Arabic classical influences, is brought to life not only by a small and mighty offstage orchestra but also onstage by the eponymous band: three stellar actor-musicians and four more world-class instrumentalists, playing everything from oud and darbouka to cello, clarinet, and violin.In a profession that loves to talk about risk but seldom truly takes one, is quietly modeling real theatrical and musical courage.There is no intermission, which means no big first-act finale. That’s the sound of longing,” he sings, and gradually his song spreads throughout the full ensemble.


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