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Winnipeg, MB R3G 3P4 Phone: 1.204.885.3276 Fax: 1.204.489.1748 E-Mail: [email protected]: For individual, couple, and family psychotherapy, as well as assessment of learning difficulties, trauma, and addictions.

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I placed in the C drive and I made a folder called 'forms' in the C directory with a blank workbook called "index.xls" and I still had a problem running the code.

Forms will have to be manually inserted and printed.

Men who are facing criminal charges for their behaviour are part of my practice.

In the above code, you could omit the lines that create and use the Word.

Mc Whinnie, Andrew - MA Andrew Mc Whinnie Consulting 3910 Wilkinson Road Victoria, BC V8Z 5A2 Phone: 1.250.881.1151 Cell: 1.250.889.2321 Email: Andrew_Mc [email protected]: Provides assessment, counselling and therapy for men addicted to Internet pornography of all types, or who are experiencing problems with their sexual behaviour, including inappropriate sexual attraction.

Intervention is based on cognitive-behavioural techniques, linkage with local 12-step programs, and involves (where appropriate) family members.

Explore French Ontario in the 17th and 18th centuries or learn about the migration of Germans to Canada.

Tomasson, Paulette - MA, RN, RCC, CSAT Acara Addiction Counselling & Resources Limited 112 - 901 3rd St.

Word will open stating the documents name but the document itself will not and that message of updating appears on the statusbar.

What is takes into consideration is that the is a file called on the C: Drive and There are form that are in c:\forms\ I want to implement a progress bar for the opening of the formsfranzozola, If it's the Status Bar that is not working, then use: application.

Built In Document Properties("Title") 'Update the Title Fields Call Update Story Ranges(b Doc) 'Application.


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