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Hyperactive During the study period 124 patients were evaluated.

The mean age and APACHE-II score were 64.5 years (SD 16.5) and 14.1 points (SD 5.3), respectively. The overall incidence of hyperactive was 25.8% (32 patients).

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If we started off this post with a list of predator features that included four-inch claws capable of disemboweling an adult human, you'd probably assume we were referring to the big cat in this battle. Centro Novo do Maranhão, this crazy bit of footage shows that when it comes to taking on giant anteaters, even jaguars proceed with caution.

We typically see these insect-eating, bushy-tailed creatures cruising on all fours, but when threatened, they can stand some seven feet (two metres) tall. See for yourself:) killing humans in their native South America.

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