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The roof of the house should have a reflecting surface and be pitched with overlaps.

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To reduce the risk of rodents gaining entrance into the flock house, clear all the vegetation in an area 3-4 meters around the flock house.

The feed store should also be separate from the house.

It is important to select proper breeds according to your desired production.

For commercial egg production choose highly productive layer breeds which are suitable for farming in the Kenyan environment.

the house should provide adequate space for the flock to be kept in the house.

The ideal stocking density is two square foot per bird (2 foot²/bird).

Poultry workers should always wear clean, disinfected foot ware and clothing.

When visiting birds of different ages, start with the youngest flock and always visit sick flocks last, irrespective of their age.

In case of meat production select highly meat producing broiler poultry breeds.


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