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You’ll understand that I can’t find the right guy if I’m wasting my time on you.

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I also don’t really like to share, so the idea that you’re going to spend one night with me and potentially the next few nights with someone else doesn’t really sit well. I plan to give you 100% and that’s what I expect back.

Relationships don’t work if one person gives more than the other, so it’s unfair for me to offer up so much of me if you’re planning on holding back so much of you.

This is because NYC is such a huge city that women have so many options for dating.

Tinder is an example of an app that has given women (and certain men) access to unlimited sexual partners at the touch of a finger, and that is why I focus on it so much.

I have a big heart and it tends to latch on and catch feelings, so if I’m interested in you, I’m not going to want to just be the girl who gets the call late at night when you’re lonely.

I’m going to want to be the girl that gets to spend time with you during the day and at night.I want to be with someone who wakes up next to me with no intention of finding an excuse to get rid of me.So I can’t just be the girl that hooks up with you, because my time is valuable and I’m worth so much more than that.In the pic on the right, we can see that John was sending multiple texts to the girl and she was just ignoring him.But all of that changes when she gets a text from him that fucks with her head a little bit. The mere fact that she is actually sending him any type of message = SHE IS INTERESTED.I remember thinking to myself, “Maybe I’m not presenting enough Sexual Market Value to the girls whose numbers I’m getting.” It turns out that I was correct.


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