Dating a woman with pcos

For me, half an hour shooting hoops is as good as a morning at the spa for Amy.

Don’t get lost in the process of trying to conceive or the stress of everyday life; trust me, you need the time too. Today, Amy takes such great care of herself (diet, exercise, and self-care), that the doctors say that she would not be diagnosed with PCOS if she walked into their office tomorrow.

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What I remember most is that she became chronically tired.

I knew that being a new mom was draining, but this seemed excessive.

‘You really have that much more testosterone in you? I’m basically one pint of lager off of feeling like a proper man. ‘So many people have it, you’ll be fine’ I know, but this is me we’re talking about. And sometimes, it’s best just to double check – just in case.

’ Because my ovaries are out to confuse the life out of me.

I’ve been told to shift weight for 4,6,8 years and it’s kind of just ingrained in my brain now to only eat carrots. ‘Oh have you tried Slimming World/Weight Watchers/ Atkins/ Cabbage Soup diet?

’ Every doctor I’ve ever met has told me that if I loose two stone, my periods will start up again and my chances of one day getting pregnant will improve.

‘Victoria Beckham has it, and she’s got all of the children’ She’s also Victoria Bloody Beckham. ‘Why do you always buy pregnancy tests and tampons?

So here I am to deliver some insight, and best of all, hope.

But, then I thought I wish I had a guy’s perspective when we started this PCOS journey.

When she asked me to write an article for her about PCOS from a husband’s perspective, I hesitated.

None of the meds worked – and most gave her stomach issues. I think you get the picture of how our life was going at this point.

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