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The guy : girl ratio is obviously slanted heavily toward guys.

These are often relatively smart men with the same passions as the women.

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My suggestion to them would be to treat Magic just like any other co-ed activity that isn’t female-dominated. While this may be frustrating, being able to handle it is an important life skill for you to have. The first question you need to ask yourself is: How big a part of your life and your identity are playing Magic and being a Magic player? We started by inviting people over to our house for Magic night.

The debate of whether it’s cool aside, it’s reality, it’s going to happen, and the question is: How are you going to handle it? When I started playing Magic, I was engaged to be married. We taught our friends to play, gave them cards to play with, and lit candles and played eerie music by Loreena Mc Kennitt.

My non-Magic-playing friends either became Magic players or drifted apart from me.

While this may seem sad and/or pathetic, it’s pretty natural when you have a passion around which your life is centered.

After breaking up with Linda, I became completely consumed with competitive Magic.

Being good at Magic became a central part of my identity and a crucial pillar of my ego.

When Magic becomes your whole world, it affects how you should approach dating non-Magic-players and whether you should try to date only other Magic players.

The problem with limiting yourself to dating just female Magic players is that not only are there relatively few of them, but that most other male Magic players will be pursuing them also.

Obviously, the issues faced by female Magic players are quite different than those faced by male players.

If they’re single, being Magic players can be a lot of fun for them.

She did well, but couldn’t handle the frustration of usually finishing second or third, but never winning.


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