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IN HIS DRESSING room at NBC's “The Tonight Show” on Monday, Pat Monahan looked cool in his stovepipe jeans, ski vest, T-shirt and black Tiger ...

Together for 4 years and his latest song, Drive by, is about how they had a one night stand and she thought he was just in it for one thing.

A3 Monahan from Train and his second wife Amber Peterson.

In addition to his parents Bernard is preceded in death by his wife Anna Mae (Desiati) in 2009. He met his first wife, teacher Ginean Rapp, at a bar called Sherlock's when he was playing in a cover band called Rogues Gallery. There is nothing he wouldn't do for his junior high school sweetheart on Valentine's Day - or any other day.

Monahan, who was divorcing his wife of 11 years at the time; Violett's suicide hit him doubly Apr 30, 2015 ...

DC: When you wrote “Drive By,” did you have anyone in mind? Instead, I met the girl of my dreams who I instantly knew I wanted to be with forever. DC: Another song that caught my attention was “50 Ways to Say Goodbye.” The words are pretty powerful. PM: They wanted to put that one out because that is their universal favorite.

This is more about the humor side of being embarrassed as to why your girlfriend broke up with you. DC: I get a beachy kind of feel on this album because you have two other songs on here called, “Mermaid” and “When The Fog Rolls in.” PM: This is a different take on love or a lack thereof it. PM: This album was written on the road while we were touring, “Save Me San Francisco” for almost three years. We will be playing in amphitheaters, arenas and state fairs. PM: I think of us as a band families will want to enjoy together.

I just started writing this and other songs because I had a momentum going and I didn’t want to stop.

I can tell you “Drive By” sat around for three months before anyone ever heard it. PM: Not only did my band mates like it but it was also the one Columbia Records first fell in love with. When I met her I was not in a place where I wanted to fall in love forever. I remember thinking, I just want to meet some people and have some fun.

Pat Monahan: "Drops of Jupiter" was written just after my mom had passed away, so the song came to me in a dream, literally. My wife's name is Amber too, but this other girl was dating my original bass player and we were playing softball against a few of the guys from the Counting Crows cause they ..Nov 4, 2010 ... As a result you lie to all of your friends and tell everyone she died 25-different Jul 14, 2006 ...


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