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When out on a date, practice manners like opening doors, paying the tab, and letting her order first.

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In some cases, one of you will have to leave the job because it’s such a conflict. For those of my friend listening/reading this, don’t date the servers, don’t date the managers, just don’t take home a date from the same place you take home a paycheck. It’s the of our lives – everyone knows our name, they’re always glad we came, etc. Hell, if you’re a true regular at this bar, you’ve also probably tried to take a waitress or bartender home at some point. They know your secrets and your history, and if they like her, they may even share some of it (good or bad) with her when you go to the restroom.

If you take your date to your local watering hole, the one in which you’re a regular, you will have all eyes on your date. This plays into the previous commandment too: don’t mix business with pleasure.

Couple that with knowing what you want, and you have a solid foundation for finding success in love.

This clarity is what keeps you in your integrity as you go out in the world.

You do not have to be dressed up like you’re going on a job interview, but in a way, you are going on an interview on the first date. Dress like you respect her opinion of you, so you’re putting an effort into your appearance.

When you arrive looking like you couldn’t care less about that unruly mane, those baggy, torn jeans, and that button up shirt you pulled out of pile on your bedroom floor, you’re telling her that you don’t have your shit together. Make an effort to be clean and freshly ironed so you’re good to go. Far too many people are dating coworkers and those in the same circle, and it’s never a positive experience. She’s at work so you get to sneak little breaks in the day and share sexual innuendo until it’s time to go home and make it happen.

I argue that no, all hope is not lost, but you must be aware of the rules of the game so you don’t fall victim to it. In this episode, I’m going to cover the 10 dating commandments for men – especially Modern Gentlemen.

They’re not difficult, but they almost certainly end in disaster if not followed.

A woman deserves a man who is certain of his future, of himself, and of her. If you’re having her over for dinner, plan the night out with what you’re going to cook/eat (I always vote you cook – here’s a recipe), and getting a bottle of wine.


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