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'I am grateful to local law enforcement for their swift response.

However it is unknown where in the area he visited and why he was there.

The paper quoted an official as cautioning that the investigation was several years old and had not generated any information on the son.

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It's time for the White House to wake up and tell the truth…and the truth is that Radical Islam is at war with us, and we must start by being honest about that.'There have been many bad things that have happened under President Obama.

One that stands out to me was the horrible shooting at Ft.

He claimed he had crushed and snorted caffeine pills and refused a blood test.

In his yearbook entry for Red Bank High School, where he was a starter for the varsity wrestling team, he wrote between two pictures of himself: 'My name causes national security alerts. ' Almir Dizdarevic, a former coach, told CNN he had traveled overseas to the Middle East in the last two years and had reportedly 'moved home'.

While it's too early to know for sure what happened, it certainly looks like an act of terrorism.

'This shooting underscores the grave reality of the threat posed to us by Radical Islamic terrorism every single day.

They added that they were yet to find any links to international terrorist cells, but were looking into every aspect of the shooter's life.'There’s no Marine you would want that was better in combat than him,' his friend, Josh Parnell, told Patch .

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