Definition of consolidating credit card debt

Debt settlement is a proven effective means to eliminate debt for the right person.

For a more detailed explanation of what debt settlement is and why it works read: Debt Settlement – Why Banks Do It – How It Works.

Depending on how long you have been delinquent in payments, negotiating and settling credit card debts for good can have an overall positive influence on your credit score.

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Then again, you just may not know what you need to about the process of debt settlement.

You may have talked with one or more people who have misrepresented the whole thing.

At its core, debt settlement is the best option for a creditor to “lose the least” on accounts that default in payment.

The process can be made to be largely predictable due to established timelines and bank policies which can and do vary from creditor to creditor.

If you are serious about settling debt, read through the entire CRN debt settlement guide and then call us at 800-939-8357 and choose ext. This way you can get a firm grip on the dollars and timing involved. Yes, debt settlement does damage your credit report, and will hurt your credit score.

Credit counseling and bankruptcy impair your credit report, credit rating and access to new credit products too.You will want to know the settlement percentages available to you on each of your accounts.That information is difficult to publish because your savings target will be different with each creditor, and will change based on how far behind in payments you are, if a debt collector has the account, and timing factors that change because of details unique to you.Debt settlement is often referred to as a debt resolution and debt negotiation.There are places online where you may see settling debt referred to as a form of debt consolidation, but it is nothing like consolidating credit card debt (using the most common definition of taking out a lower interest loan to pay off all of your higher interest credit cards).All outside debt relief intervention options will impact you in one form or another.


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