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"Don't leave me Roddy," she pled as I turned to go, "Please stay with me tonight." "I won't go Mommy," I promised, and after taking off my top and shorts, joined Mom in the bed, my only covering a pair of white boxers.

I held her in my arms as her tears fell softly on my shoulder and chest, caressing her lovingly until they finally slowed and then stopped and her breathing deepened into the rhythms of sleep.

Maybe some day Danielle's creator will write this same story from Danielle's viewpoint…..

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They were divorced three months later, in May of my senior year of high school, and the settlement provided a lump sum amount to Mom, a settlement that acknowledged the twenty million plus value of Dad's business.

Mom sold the house immediately and we were packed and on the road to Miami a week after I graduated, both of us wanting to get away from the hate filled face that Dad had turned on us when the Judge ordered him to stay away from his ex-wife and give her half of the families assets.

I'll be back." Mom was on her knees in the corner, one breast hanging bare from her torn nightie and with blood dripping from the cuts on her nose and lip.

Rushing to her, I lifted her and took her in my arms, holding her gently as both of us sobbed quietly. "I should have done that a long time ago." "It's my fault honey, I should never let him………..it's just he's so strong……….hurt me Roddy………." "I love you Mom.

There was only one picture that existed of Dani and Mom, a picture taken just hours after Dani's birth and just minutes before Mom's Doctor and Priest arrived to take the baby away.

I had a copy of the picture hanging from the mirror as I drove; a good luck talisman that I hoped would lead me to my sister.

This story started there but then morphed into something completely different after I spent an afternoon reading a series of unconnected stories by the same author, stories that all starred a strange heroine named Danielle, an always beautiful girl who invariably is taken against her will but somehow survives.

When I resumed writing my story later, my sister suddenly became Danielle and forced me to write what follows.

I carried her to her bed and laid her down after removing the blood stained gown from her body.

I washed her bloody and bruised body gently as she lay crying and then finally tucked her naked under her sheets.

Surprisingly in spite of our problems, the family prospered economically, Dad's gift of the gab and selling skills leading eventually to his owning a company that distributed car parts over a six state area.


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