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One of these houses is run by Madame Catarina where corporal punishment and other chastisements are the main methods of correction.: Madame Catarina Looking stunning in seamed stockings, knee high leather boots, leather pencil skirt, white blouse and black leather corset Madame Catarina has decided to use her butler slave as a human footrest as she reads her book and smokes a cigarette when there is an unexpected caller.A Mistress has sent an errant slave husband for training.

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Before long Madame Catarina returns with a hooded and cuffed victim who is soon forced to strip naked and kiss her shoes.

He is soon placed on the whipping bench and with a brief pause to cruelly play with his nipples Madame Catarina begins the beating.

The slave is made to stand and the cock restraint removed and Madame Catarina’s fun can begin in earnest and very soon he is writhing on the floor in agony.

The slave is placed on his back and Madame Catarina cruelly tramples him before his battered cock and balls are painfully milked beneath her stockinged feet.: Madame Catarina looks stunning in silk, stockings and high heels and is looking forward to resuming her caged slave’s correctional therapy.

Madame Catarina begins to warm to her task as the slave yelps in pain and the punishment grows ever harder, but, the treatment is interrupted by a telephone call.

There is another slave in need of correction so returning her slave to the cage she goes out to collect him.

Madame Catarina then allows the butler to clean her feet with his mouth and tongue before deciding to inspect his chastity device.

Satisfied that his ball are suitably filled with juice Madame Catarina decides it would be fun to milk her slave with her feet so he is released from his device and made to cum for his Mistress before being forced to suck and lick his cum from his Mistresses feet before being dismissed.: Leather Goddess and sadistic Mistress, Madame Catarina has decided to have a cigarette after inspecting the work of her slave butler in her saloon.

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