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" chat, I initially wrote off Williams as a rabble-rouser who completely missed the point of the article and didn't deserve any further attention. But as the conversation continued, I realized she missed the mark entirely.

Williams has criticized The Huffington Post in the past, and sometimes rightfully so.

It's important to stay professional at work, even if your colleagues are driving you up the wall.

However, she completely ignored the implications of the conversation she decided to take on; a conversation about a culture she obviously knows very little about but felt she could authoritatively police and discuss.

She wrote a piece titled "Huff Po's Worst Headline?

Another issue is getting someone to actually respond to your email in the first place.

One person revealed that they use the very bold tactic of numbering each request in the subject line, while another prefers the more subtle technique of saying: 'Not sure if my email made it to you as I haven't heard back'.

People who use it are not looking to put other races down; they are simply complimenting a race that has historically been subjected to criticism for centuries.

Don't get me wrong, I'm totally aware that the statement could be misread and misconstrued.

In short, black people are so great, once you love one of us you will love all of us.

It is a phrase that celebrates blackness in the same way the phrases "black don't crack" or "black girls rock" do.

Later, she pointed out that the headline hadn't been changed.

But what she failed to realize is there is in fact no "wising up" that needs to take place.

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  2. The Pan line split from the last common ancestor shared with humans approximately six to seven million years ago.

  3. After all, in any good relationship, two people both bring their own unique talents and abilities to the table, and their individual strengths make the union stronger as a whole.

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