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Government forces said they discovered mass graves in Rakhine state containing skeletal remains, including of women and children.

You can choose get married at the ROM (Registry of Marriage) or with a solemnizer in a hotel.

However, getting a solemnizer is sometimes difficult.

But organisers of the competition said she was 'not behaving like a role model' and took her crown away for breach of contract.

Speaking in English, Miss Eain Si said ARSA, branded a terrorist organisation by Myanmar authorities, was 'acting as if they are the oppressed' and said its recent attacks were 'out of proportion'.

Myanmar girls for some reason don’t get enough attention as Thai women, Laos girls or Khemer girls.

The country made great strides in this direction over the past five years since the doors to this beautiful country have been partially opened.I just phoned her and she agreed to offer her service.There was no charges for her, but we donated some money to her church. You can get the complete information at Registry of Marriage website.More than half a million Rohingya have fled from the Myanmar military crackdown in Rakhine State to Bangladesh after it was launched in late August.Pictured are a group of Rohingya at a transit shelter in Bangladesh The beauty queen has since disputed the claims of the competition's organisers and said 'none of their accusations were serious enough to dethrone her' in a Facebook post.The campaign has been denounced by the United Nations as ethnic cleansing.


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