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Hippies desperate for a thrill but too broke to buy drugs sometimes cut the back with poison glands off the toad, dry it in the sun and then roll it into a joint to smoke ( don't try this at home!!

) Some dogs are reported to have turned into druggies by becoming addicted to "cane toad sucking", getting high on the poison.

Her family, who had reported her as missing to police a year ago, was very happy to see her again.

She was promised compensation but several years later she was still waiting for this.

The thirty toads that were introduced initially have now multiplied into the countless millions and are spreading across Australia and have recently arrived in Kakadu, Northern Territory where it is expected they will devastate the place as there are vast floodplains which are the perfect breeding ground for them.

They seem to be adapting to the Australian conditions/distances too, scientists are studying the toxic pests' entry in to the NT, clocking them hopping up to 2km in a single night, or more than 50km a year - five times quicker than their predecessors travelled in the 1940s to 1960s.

The government responded by asking people to send the money back ( it was not far before elections so they did not demand and threaten like normally happens when people have been overpaid by Centrelink) .

It remains to be seen how many people will send a 0.- cheque to Canberra.Some birds have actually adapted and learned how to turn them over and eat their insides avoiding the poison glands on the back.Ingenious Australians have also used the toads to make wallets, stubby coolers etc.Nobody had been allowed within 200 metre of the hospital for the big bang, even though 50 metre was theoretically a safe distance, but soon after the second big explosion had sounded the calm waters of the lake where people had gathered in boats and canoes for a good view got stirred up by spectacular splashes as pieces of steel and concrete rained down from the sky, up to a kilometre away from the explosion.Various pieces of hospital rained down on the spectator crowd resulting in various injuries and even the death of a young girl who was decapitated by a piece of metal.Imagine the embarrassment of authorities responsible for security when members of ABC satire program The Chasers managed to drive through all security with a fake motorcade.

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