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Professional astrology doesn't have to be expensive and its uses and accuracy change lives.That's a bold statement, but I say it because I get almost daily emails from clients saying it.The logical grouping of personality traits used in astrology provides an ideal framework to identify, measure and predict this phenomenon. Because of the logical and consistent way that traits are grouped there are intervals between groups which are more compatible than others.

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Sun signs are just the tip of the iceberg however and one goal of this site is to encourage you to try a real astrology reading at some point, and see for yourself the real accuracy which this fascinating field can offer.

The real name for this area within astrology is Synastry.

However a good degree of accuracy is available by looking just at sun signs (also called your zodiac sign, or star sign).

Everyone knows what those are, and it's fun to explore them.

For example they can be highly obsessive and compulsive. In practice though many find it to be highly flattering, sexy and addictive. Though few would say it so directly, most enjoy emotional intensity (good and bad), and have enormous inner strength to handle anything they may find in a partner.

Most Scorpios prefer a good fight with a partner in preference to being ignored.Where do the concepts such as houses, elements, polarity etc used in astrology come from?Astrology allocates distinctive labels to groups with common features.The most common feedback I get from my first time clients is shock at the accuracy and detail of their reading.Many believe that the vague information in tabloid horoscopes or free astrology reports is "as good as it gets", when often those aren't even written by an astrologer. There are hundreds of factors producing billions of permutations which make up someone's natal chart, which is as unique as a fingerprint.Few people have heard of that however, and even fewer can usually remember how to spell it.

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