Rss not updating mac

You can also use the Reader function to simplify the appearance of a rendered RSS feed item.

RSS is a really great way to follow some of your favorite web sites and skim headlines to check out specific articles you most want to read.

Many Mac users rely on third party apps for subscribing to RSS feeds, but the newest versions of Safari for OS X have an RSS subscription feature built directly into the web browser.

If you want to be notified when new feeds arrive, go to Safari preferences (found in the Safari menu), click RSS, and select how often to check for RSS updates (every 30 minutes, every hour, every day, or never).

To peek at all RSS feeds (from multiple sites) at one time — a great way to customize your own newspaper, in effect — place all your feeds in a single bookmark folder.

Then click the folder’s name and choose View All RSS Articles.

The default bookmarks bar that comes with Safari includes folders full of RSS feeds.

News based websites are among the most updated and as stories break, they appear on the site.

Subscribe to RSS feeds to keep up with all the changes on your favourite websites.

If you want to read the underlying news story, you’ll be instructed to press the 1 key to read one feed, 2 key to read another, and so on.


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