Single pet dating services

One reason dates aren’t fond of pets might be because they feel they’re in competition for your attention, especially if you keep reminding them how your pet comes first in your life.

Though you might be tempted to talk about your dog and how he sleeps with his head on the pillow next to yours, or gush with “itty bitty kitty” stories about Snowball, make sure your human companion’s eyes aren’t glazing over.

I once saw a survey where more than 200,000 single people were polled jointly by England’s You and dating website PARSHIP.

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Single pet dating services

Even a die-hard pet lover might draw the line at a pet tarantula, but at least creepy crawler pets are usually kept in a terrarium.

Most likely, they won’t be crawling onto the couch to greet your date.

“Cats don’t seem so out of place in our urban society,” he says.

“They don’t rule their owners’ lives as much as a dog does.”I wonder what Brian would think of Natalie’s cockatoo — a pet that can live as long as 80 years and can vocalize in the same decibel range as a commercial jet.

I too have experienced this bewildering negativity. (Twisted sense of humor those little furry creatures have.)If that friendship had more potential, I would have recommended counseling, which, by the way, has an excellent success rate of curing pet-phobic people.

One guy I dated briefly, a tall, athletic sort, would yelp and jump out of his skin if one of my petite Oriental Shorthair cats dared to perch on the couch behind us. These days, based on that and other experiences, I generally don’t even mention my pets until I get a feel for the person and know for sure they’ll be OK with it.Pets Partners And uk is a dating site especially for pet lovers.We believe that people who love animals or who care for pets also believe in caring for each other, a great starting point for any relationship and a solid foundation for a future of love, fun and friendship.It’s unfortunate that opening your heart and life to loving any creature can be held against you. There are at least a dozen dating websites geared specifically toward pet lovers — niche sites that link singles and their furry, feathered and scaled kids.So take heart, Natalie — you may still find a boyfriend who likes big beaks as much as you do.It’s a jungle out there in the dating world, but who would have thought that Jane would kick up such a fuss about Tarzan’s menagerie?


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