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Coach Couples help and encourage premarital couples to live out attributes that lead to a vibrant marriage.

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Parent Coaching Parent coaches meet 4-6 times to encourage and equip parents to honor God and reflect his love to their children.

This ministry is available for Vineyard Columbus members, both couples and single parents.

It generates personalized worksheets and growth plans that have shown to increase relationship satisfaction.

Couples can find more information about the LIMRI by going to:

The Couples DISC Inventory is an online personality assessment.

The Couples DISC couples to celebrate each other’s strengths and appreciate their differences. For questions, or more info about what we offer, contact Mindy Layman, 614.259.5365.Come and learn how to become the gift that God wants you to be for your future spouse. Marriage Preparation at Vineyard Columbus How2Become1 A 6-week class open to all committed dating couples, couples considering engagement and those already engaged!Come learn about how to have the kind of marriage God intended.Join our community of coaches, and experience a new sense of God’s love, grace and truth in your own relationships.If you are interested in becoming a Relationship Coach, please contact Mindy Layman at 614.259.5365 for more info about our upcoming trainings.For more information please contact Julie Pierce, 614.625.7335, Abigail Shaw or Peggy Steinbower. group network designed to offer support for homeschoolers.

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