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We visited one of the New York locations to see if the much-hyped chain has what it takes to expand across the nation." data-src="" role="presentation" src="//" title="Cava Grill, a popular Mediterranean chain, is expanding at breakneck speed.

On Thursday, she uploaded an Instagram photo of herself reuniting with the original cast of the ABC programme 8 Simple Rules For Dating My Teenage Daughter - except, of course, for the late John Ritter.

They will attempt to employ every loophole, every odd circumstance, and every footnote they can.

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A Lawful Good Rules Lawyer can also be a valuable thing to have in your gaming group if one or more of the players in your gaming group cheats or doesn't RTFM.

Even when the rest of the group is on the level, the fact that a Rules Lawyer will, by definition, know all of the rules can make them useful for a gaming group as the ultimate natural language database.

Gaming groups must, by necessity, be a mutually policing force.

Sometimes a Rules Lawyer is necessary when the GM is repeatedly sending waves and waves of homebrewed mooks who are immune to everything except the powers of that one super duper archmage the GM has been writing a novel about for the last seven years and if you try to fight them without the archmage GMPC, you die. In this instance, the Rules Lawyer is one check against GM misbehavior, as in a healthy gaming group, the GM is answerable to the players as much as the players are answerable to the GM, because it is everybody's game.

They'll constantly grind play to a halt to make sure that everyone is following the rules even if the end result would be the same anyway.

They won't allow any technique that isn't specified in said rules to be used, causing the game to become rigid.

spacing, but there are two thicknesses and two hole sizes availabl... - Provided by Pop Sugar" / Washington, DC-based fast-casual chain Cava Grill is expanding its delicious empire.

After raising million in Series C funding from a venture-capital firm backed by AOL cofounder Steve Case in 2017, the chain has set its sights on rapid-fire expansion.

The chain now has 46 locations open across the US, and it has plans to open many more in the coming months.

Two new locations will open in New York City this summer, bringing the city's total to five.

And they'll point out exactly the proper rules that state that, no, they didn't escape the deathtrap, they died.


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  7. Jones was right – people do tend to think deaf people are stupid, whacky or plain mad, just because they can’t hear too well, and she was also right that this is very wrong indeed. I feel guilty about this, but I laughed out loud at this line: “There are advantages to being deaf, too.

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