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In a medium without a margin, the marginal are not only finding a voice, they are renewing the language itself.

The Diaspora is reconverging through the Web, like an enormous family reunion.

That feeling of exclusion, in turn, is thanks to another factor that's changing English: “exformation.” Coined by Tor Norretranders, a Danish writer, the term means the information that you drop from a message because you know your reader already knows it.

The classic example is Victor Hugo’s concise dialogue with his publisher.

Its subtext is still “This is who I am,” but it’s an identity far less parochial than the language has ever expressed before.

Several factors are at work in the creation of this new Global English.

In some ways it seems dated, as in capitalizing "web" words. Here it is: How the Web is Changing English by Crawford Kilian (2001) As a novelist, I know that you show the truth about your characters by putting them under stress that threatens their identity.

As a writer and editor, I know that nothing stresses writers and editors more than confronting issues around “bad English,” “improper usage,” and sloppy punctuation.

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The other day I ran across a piece I'd written back in 2001.

One factor is what I call “crystallization.” Someone comes up with a standard operating system, and everyone else adopts and adapts to it.

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